Artist Statement

My practice is a transdisciplinary exploration involving performance studies, new media technologies, and critical studies. I challenge the complex relationship between the face, the body, and personal technology, wondering how the “self” and its performative identities form. As a performer, I use my body as a research entity and create installations with different media like video, holograms, and alternative and analog processes, which intertwine with ideas from the post-photographic moment we live. You can call me: The Digital Self.
The debates I confront in my practice led me to research the selfie and its performative possibilities. I harbor philosophical interests as I study the notions of the selfie as an image object whose ontology moves beyond “the human” in dialogue with the emerging fields of Object-Oriented Ontology and Posthumanism. The selfie’s identity is female. She uses the pronouns she/her, called: “La selfie”; this object exists to allow women-identifying bodies to live in a data-biased world.