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Representation is a paradox, who observes and who creates? It is a semantic game of deception. This artwork proposes the representation of selfies and self-portraits of the author as autonomous objects, which can transmit different feelings and generate multiple meanings. The inspiration for this piece is the work “The Treachery of Images,” 1929, by painter Magritte. The pipe is not a pipe, just as the portrait is not the person portrayed.

In the second instance, the work also assumes the self-portrait and its representation as an object of investigation. It is called “The digital self” -a character I repeatedly use in my set of artistic works- who navigates its existence and seeks new ways of relations. She is fragile. She recites manifestos and gestures that are still human, and she has memories of past images that cannot concretize in her original form.

Hologram, Performance, Manifesto, Polaroid lift, variable measures, 2021