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I have investigated the different characteristics of the human being online and the current condition of the digital narcissus by creating a manifesto called “The digital self” as a starting point. Through several experiments over ten months, I have examined the meanings of each point in the manifesto. The manifesto was explored through video performances, WhatsApp conversations, a hologram, and photographic self-portraits.
For the final exhibition, this body of work displays four portraits and a hologram which are the fragmentation of my connected self, just as they represent the universality of the “Post Internet” tension. The artworks -manually intervened- because they are coming into the analog sphere to inhabit a space beyond the digital.

Digital photography with manual interventions, hologram on device, photographs: 47 x 30 cm, 59 x 42 cm, 57 x 42 cm, 50 x 50 cm, hologram: 12 x 10 cm, 2017