JULY 2019

Más Arte Galería, Quito-Ecuador


“After Andy’s performance of eating a hamburger in front of a TV, I am eating a Campbell soup from the can in a live stream of my Instagram”.


Más Arte Galería, Quito-Ecuador
Sinopsis: El 29 de noviembre de 2017, el hashtag déjala por loquita estuvo como tendencia nacional en Twitter, guardé en un pdf todos los tweets en relación a este hashtag y un mes después realicé un performance de lectura de cada uno. La mayoría de participantes digitales en relación a este hashtag, eran mujeres.


Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Quito
02:16 min.

April 2017

Private View of the Show “Three Fold”

A Performance of the Manifesto “The digital self”. English version.

March 2017.

A performance of Manifesto “The digital self” Spanish version.


Performance link

The first performance I did at NODO´s house, an artist residency I am involved with throughout 2017, I´ve got my own studio to practice and create work.
This performance is an interpretation of my new Manifesto “the digital self” the project I am working on in this residency.
With a few basic yoga poses, while I read the manifesto from a laptop, I decompose the sense of self and distract the meaning of the words with the meaning of my body.

December 2016.

Interfaced Nature

During the opening times of my MA Degree Show, I performed a collective and sometimes personal reading, of the “Selfish Manifesto in the Hashtag Age”.

Dates: 30 Nov- 6 Dec 2016. London

Private view 30 Nov 2016.

Private view. Credits: blog arts
Private view. Credits: blog arts
Solo performance 2 dec. Credits: Davide Meneguello
Solo performance 2 dec. Credits: Davide Meneguello
Solo performance 2 dec. Credits: Davide Meneguello