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Book #Ideclare


#Ideclare is a unilateral conversation that gives life to a Manifesto of the digital age. Accompanied by a series of images that narrate the book into three chapters:
#Ideclare, #IFightAgainst and #IHaveAVision (with an addendum at the end).
The book is a statement of antagonistic feelings that discover an internal and external struggle. There are situations created by technological mediation, such as the compulsive need to show oneself to others and a narcissistic feeling that involves constant interaction with social networks. In addition, the book depicts the need of the human being to reconnect with nature and the impossibility of achieving it.

The book was exhibited at CAC Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Quito, from July to October 2017, was part of a group show called “Absorber la Ficción”.

80 pages
40 photographs
Hard cover, sew binding.
20.7 cm /15.2 cm/ 1.3 cm

*The book does not have a publisher. I have a very limited amount of copies that I self-printed before I exhibited the book. It is available for sale, please enquire at my email address or this form if you want a copy of the book.





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“The digital self” NODO ART RESIDENCY -Work in progress.

I will regularly update the work in progress of my year-residency, currently taking place, at NODO house, by No Lugar, Arte Contemporáneo, in my hometown, Quito-Ecuador.

Artistas seleccionados Beca Nodo

Project Proposal.

The aim is to create a series of photographic and written sculptures (using text as a link between the material and digital realm), that will be part of a photographic installation that presents the characteristics of the “digital self” based on its Manifesto.
I will use “form” as a metaphor of the contemporary condition of the digital narcissus, that lives in its own world. I will create a portrait each month of the residency.
I want to reinterpret the post-digital notion with elements coming from a screen, or from an analogue machine, and also from a sculpture and make them coexist together, using this tension to create coherencies and incoherencies typical from the Post-Internet idea.

The digital self. A Manifesto

  1. The digital self is defined through interaction and without it, no longer exists.
  2. The digital self oscillates with its constant online performance, it does not have a single shape.
  3. The digital self seeks stardom through a potential increasing audience.
  4. The digital self needs affirmation, attention, something real.
  5. Ignorance is a condition of the digital self.
  6. The digital self, it is a slave of social media, an app bitch.
  7. The digital self believes in its repetitive single condition.
  8. The digital self does not have control on its own information, once it is out there, it is out there and then, who knows?
  9. The digital self comes off to defend or offend what it believes.



If you want to check more regular updates of my project please go to this link: (bear in mind the text is in Spanish at the moment, as I am doing the residency in Ecuador).



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“The digital self, extract I”

Video piece: HD video, 02:08 minutes

This video piece was exhibited in London, LCC Studio Space at Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre, from 3th to 14th May, with special activities and guided tours.

“The digital self, extract I” is inspired by a Manifesto that underlines nine online personalities when interacting with the digital realm. This is a reflection of an anxiety feeling when constantly using the technological tools. The scattered words appear with no apparent order and calling for attention when there is too much to grasp. A glitched screen of nature is overlapped by different sources of sounds echoing a fake combination. The self is digital and interacts with different audio-visual sources while looking at a screen.
With special thanks to Heidegger, Foucault and Daft Punk.

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Interfaced Nature

Multimedia installation: video, sculpture, objects, performance, manifesto in iPad. My multimedia installation “Interfaced nature”, explores the digital mediums in a material approach. It brings together a video, a written manifesto, and sculptural work. The sculpture is a light box made out of copper clad printed… Read More

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The sea releases the object

This is a performance for the camera, but an inner performance as well. I am dropping my broken marbles into the sea, I said goodbye to the object that once was precious to me. This performance has its basis on the game “Fort-da” interpreted by Freud. He analysed the behaviour of his grandson, an eighteen-month-old baby, as a way of obtaining satisfaction by causing things to be “gone.”

Book: Freud, S. Beyond the Pleasure Principle, 1961, revised edition, London : Hogarth Press.

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The Glitch Flowers


This work reflects on the inaccuracy of the past through repetition of fragmentized flowers. The interference of the image causes an error, something that is already corrupted.

The appropriation of the colourful canvas of flowers and the unexpected result of malfunctions makes the contemplation of the past, a longing, where time faded and broke.

Memories are always inaccurate. The error is within us.

This artwork was created specifically for the exhibition “26 Caledonian Road”, which I was chosen to participate along with 26 more artists.

More info:


Yellow glitch


Blue threesome


Pixelated Flower

26 Caledonian Rd LCC Alumni Exhibition

View of the Installation


View of the Installation – close up


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Performative self-technology

Interim show at London College of Communication, March 2016.

Through this body of work, I explore the actual state of the ‘self’. Where is it? Is it far from being constant of own representation in the virtual world? Or has it disappeared from the ‘present’, the here and now?

This oscillation makes it perform, jumping from one screen to the other, from one App to another and creating a gap in regards to paying attention to what is happening, other than the virtual life. This fluctuation causes an interruption, and there is no argument there; a notification of the smartphone is an interruption of the ‘present’. The eyes perform: they look at the phone, then the fingers touch it, leaving a trace of the materiality behind in order to end that curiosity of what the sound is trying to tell us: ‘I am here, I need you to see me, I am more important’, like a demanding child with no boundaries or manners.

The self is everywhere and it can become a ‘thing’ with a simple click, the ‘self’ performs, technology performs.


Gallery View of “Performative self-technology” installation



This video was part of my Interim show at London College of Communication, March 2016.

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Self Portraits


This project consists of anachronistic images. In the “Selfies” era, it’s an exploration of what we formally call self-representation, it ranges from what can be considered a mistake, which shows a halo of light interfering with the image, to the representation of choking/suffocation as a result of performing an identity all the time. The series shows the process of change, the distortion resulting from what a person is at a certain time to what they become over time; it’s a metamorphosis, a step from the figurative easy assimilation to the complex and real self-representation to the world. It’s the same individual at different times, the same voice in different tones; the camera is capturing the change. Ultimately, it’s what I was, what I have been and what I am now.