“This is not a pipe”, 2021.

Hologram, Performance, Manifesto, Polaroid lift, variable measures. This work proposes the representation of selfies and self-portraits of the author, as … More

For the time being

Variational autoencoder, video and photography in real-time for Raspberry Pi, camera module, 5” display, Internet, web server. Variable measures. The … More

Capriccio 2014-2019

Since the sixteenth century, the term landscape was often used to depict scenery or inland paintings. After a century the term had … More

This can change

I decided to cross-examine my role as a woman and answer certain questions that society has asked me. Therefore, I … More

“To be or…”

This series is about my constant fear of being represented, no matter if this representation is by myself or by … More

Lumen Artist Residency

During the time of the residency, we wanted to reflect how the landscape transforms and is in constant change and … More

Orientation to the object

Statement: “Orientation to the object” is a body of photographic work, which investigates the relationship between the object and the … More