ubica-t: una calle para NOSOTRAS (loca-t yourself: a street for women)

This project seeks to rethink and make visible the presence of women within the public, in this case the names of the streets of urban Quito. After an investigation based on printed guides of the city of Quito from the beginning of the millennium, and its updates on web pages and Google Maps, as well as the registration of streets of the Municipality; we check what we feared from the beginning, that women have no visible importance in the urban layout, that there are few names of women who cross each other and that the great streets and avenues are of a masculine character, in many cases and / or of names of male heroes.
What happens if the streets of Quito begin to fade slowly in a process that is destined to disappear? Through the Lumen print (an alternative photographic technique without a camera) we will re-make the maps of Quito, and avoid the fixation of the printed sheet, we will wait for the light to activate the paper and therefore the image will disappear in a time that is not controlled by us. To contrast how much presence of women there are in the streets of this city, we will draw the few streets that bear names of women to make their existence visible, this drawings will be permanent.
The installation consists of 101 lumen sheets that make up the map of the city of Quito, these maps are scanned from the book “Ubica-t: Quito Urban Guide” published by the Metropolitan City Hall of Quito in 2009. Additionally a list is attached – similar to a room sheet – of the women named, with a brief biography.
In the end, what will Quito look like in the future?
This collaborative work was made along with Clio Bravo https://www.facebook.com/cli.bravo and chosen by No Lugar Arte Contemporáneo through an open call for an exhibition about women representation and territory called “Narrativas Transitorias” open Nov 6-22. 2019.
More info: https://nolugar.org/2019/11/08/narrativas-transitorias/

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