loca-t yourself: a street for women

Lumen prints/installation, 2019

This project rethinks and makes visible the non-presence of women -cis and trans- within the public space of the city of Quito. Targeting a simple element of the city: the names of the streets.

In a place where only 1% of the streets are named after a woman, the majority being saints, virgins, or foreign queens. What would happen if the streets of Quito began slowly fading, leaving only a red trace that symbolizes us?

Through Lumen printing (an alternative photographic technique), we recreated the map of the city on 101 sheets of analog paper. On them, we draw the few paths mentioned with a red permanent marker. However, we did not fix the images. Therefore, the light will eventually activate the paper, and the image will disappear in an uncontrolled time, leaving traces of our absence.

In the end, what will Quito be like in the future?

Collaborative work with visual artist Clio Bravo. shorturl.at/ilqrt 

More info: https://nolugar.org/2019/11/08/narrativas-transitorias/

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