“To be or…”

This series is about my constant fear of being represented, no matter if this representation is by myself or by others. Is there only me who’s afraid of the click of any camera and the after image that it produces?
My work is about the endless representation of the self that digital media has enabled in the last few years and how this digital self has life on its own and it’s part of a new era where digital and human are becoming one, or simply the digital has its own reign, where the individual wants to be part.
I am in search of my own identity with the help of software manipulation and alternative photographic methods, although I believe this search is only causing a deeper sense of anxiety where I won´t clearly appear. I experiment with my own archetypes yearning for the feminine that fits in any space of representation or an artificial object that resembles this type of exploration. I have become an object waiting to be desired by others and by myself.

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