Lumen Artist Residency

During the time of the residency, we wanted to reflect how the landscape transforms and is in constant change and how it lets the invisible for the naked eye be recorded with the photographic camera. We claim that time is a speculation and a social construct that let our eyes be deceived in order to create meaning.
Supported by technological tools such as astronomical apps and the analog camera, we searched for the right spots to see and capture the milky way, star trails and the Polaris star in the Atina sky. We are interested to see how the different time exposures in the camera vary and affect the images, how the same frame changes over time and gives a different meaning to what we see: a new ontological experience with each photograph.
We wanted to create a conversation between the analog and the digital that blend each other in this complicated time where the boundaries of the existence of being are oscillating between those two: the material and the digital world. We use the analog to make an image more permanent, and the digital to use its data and manipulate it.
The final photo for the exhibition in Atina was a composite of 447 shots of 14 seconds each of the Polaris star. We edited the photo and transformed the negatives into 12 Cyanotypes and created a unique frame. These photos were the result of a Fibonacci formula applied for a single day.
*We applied for this artist residency as a duo with Sergio, we are called “Bright, Dark Matter”, for more information:

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