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“Almas de Montaña” USA Exhibition

“Almas de Montaña” translated in English “souls of the mountain” is a photographic body of work produced by me and Sergio Sarango, my partner and a landscape photographer based in Ecuador. We have been working together for the past three years and joined our separate practices in order to give a narrative to a concern as both artists and people: To confront a disconnection with the natural and the impossibility to reach nature without technological mediation.

“Almas de montaña” portrays the Ecuador of today, the one that has unalterable mountainous landscapes, with people who converse with their gaze, their passage through the world. An Ecuador of beliefs and syncretism, which, in the midst of popular festivals, and normal days, does not allow time to play against it.

This photographic show was exhibited at the Art Gallery of UNAM Chicago. from 1-7 November 2017. 350 W Erie St. Chicago, Il.



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