Book #Ideclare


#Ideclare is a unilateral conversation that gives life to a Manifesto of the digital age. Accompanied by a series of images that narrate the book into three chapters:
#Ideclare, #IFightAgainst and #IHaveAVision (with an addendum at the end).
The book is a statement of antagonistic feelings that discover an internal and external struggle. There are situations created by technological mediation, such as the compulsive need to show oneself to others and a narcissistic feeling that involves constant interaction with social networks. In addition, the book depicts the need of the human being to reconnect with nature and the impossibility of achieving it.

The book was exhibited at CAC Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Quito, from July to October 2017, was part of a group show called “Absorber la Ficción”.

80 pages
40 photographs
Hard cover, sew binding.
20.7 cm /15.2 cm/ 1.3 cm

*The book does not have a publisher. I have a very limited amount of copies that I self-printed before I exhibited the book. It is available for sale, please enquire at my email address or this form if you want a copy of the book.





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