Interfaced Nature

Multimedia installation: video, sculpture, objects, performance, manifesto in iPad.

My multimedia installation “Interfaced nature”, explores the digital mediums in a material approach. It brings together a video, a written manifesto, and sculptural work.
The sculpture is a light box made out of copper clad printed circuit boards, with reproduced selfies.
The video is a performance for the camera, revealing an awkward relationship between a direct contact with nature, and a green screen that plays the mediator between the confinement of self, and the capacities of new technologies. The screen glitches due to saturation and over usage, as my online persona struggles this overload.
In addition, the installation gathers synthetic objects: silicone hands and printed screenshots, drawing a fine line between fiction and reality.
This project was exhibited as part of the LCC Ma Photography Degree Show called “Threefold”, that took take place at Ugly Duck Gallery, 47-49 Tanner Street, London, SE1 3PL. Exhibition opening times: December 1st – December 6th, 2016.




Video performance


A selfish Manifesto in the hashtag age

I share these thoughts because sharing is something I do, not something I think about. This is the right place to be.

I declare my life is lived better with technology. And life offline sucks.
I declare success translates into popularity online.
I declare when I feel the need to take a mirror picture, I post it, and get tons of likes.
I declare I am unique, and all overwhelming beauty must be captured on camera.
I declare that I reproduce my face according to famous archetypes.
I declare I circulate through online performance only.
I declare the need to connect with others; I use a lot of hashtags. #LOL
I declare that I live in a world with more data and less meaning.
I declare that all answers on life are to be found on the Internet.
I declare the real real is no longer real.
I declare I am joking. #Funny

I fight against ruining my relationships based on Facebook status.
I fight against ruining my relationships based on read receipts on Whatsapp.
I fight against living without phone cameras.
I fight against cracking my phone screen.
I fight against going somewhere and not having free Wi-Fi.
I fight against silence.
I fight against becoming addicted to online shopping.
I fight against giving up. I try harder every day, #Motivation
I fight against being a copy of someone else.
I fight against going on a trip and not posting a selfie beside a natural backdrop.
I fight against sharing pictures of my body with someone I don ́t really love.
I fight against social alienation with my friends. #BFFs
I fight against leaving my bubble.
I fight against living in my bubble.

I have a vision to stay true to myself
I have a vision to get a real connection on Tinder, and meet my other half.
I have a vision to never run out of data
I have a vision that my mobile is always fully charged.
I have a vision to create a pure symbiosis with my personal technology.
I have a vision to be like the mountains on my desktop, a sublime landscape full of mystery.
I have a vision of being no longer here, to disappear #VirtualReality
I have a vision to oscillate between the meaning of life and the everyday.
I have a vision to not believe what is imposed upon me.
I have a vision to get lost in the woods and to never comeback.
I have a vision to be trapped in no man ́s land. #TheEnd

Update: at the Private View on November 30th, 2016, “Interfaced Nature” was awarded. Thank you Troika for the recognition.

Troika Photography Award

Troika is delighted to support the LCC MA graduate programme with the Troika Photography Award, a 12 months mentoring programme. The judges, co-founders of the contemporary photography gallery, Bridget Coaker and Michael Walter will select a winner from the MA degree show. The successful graduate will be supported for 12 months, through discussion and advice in their post-university projects providing curatorial advice and critical reviews.
MA Photography prizewinners announced // LCC Postgraduate Shows 2016

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