Performative self-technology

Interim show at London College of Communication, March 2016.

Through this body of work, I explore the actual state of the ‘self’. Where is it? Is it far from being constant of own representation in the virtual world? Or has it disappeared from the ‘present’, the here and now?

This oscillation makes it perform, jumping from one screen to the other, from one App to another and creating a gap in regards to paying attention to what is happening, other than the virtual life. This fluctuation causes an interruption, and there is no argument there; a notification of the smartphone is an interruption of the ‘present’. The eyes perform: they look at the phone, then the fingers touch it, leaving a trace of the materiality behind in order to end that curiosity of what the sound is trying to tell us: ‘I am here, I need you to see me, I am more important’, like a demanding child with no boundaries or manners.

The self is everywhere and it can become a ‘thing’ with a simple click, the ‘self’ performs, technology performs.


Gallery View of “Performative self-technology” installation



This video was part of my Interim show at London College of Communication, March 2016.

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